The Inn Casa Iurca de Calinesti is located in North of Romania, Sighetu Marmatiei, 14, Dragos Voda Street, right in the heart of an old district called Maramures. Casa Iurca de Calinesti welcomes you with 51 places to accommodate, in 22 rooms equipped with TV, mini-bar and internet connection. The Inn has the breakfast saloon in the lobby, with a capacity of 40 places.
     The restaurant has a capacity of 150 places and a beautiful terrace with 60 places. Each week, from Thursday to Sunday, Casa Iurca de Calinesti orchestra will delight you with authentic artistic programme.

Area History

Archaeological discoveries attest traces of civilization in Maramures depression since Upper Paleolithic (35.000-10.000 IHR). Such testimonies have survived at Sighetu Marmatiei, Costiui, Oncesti, Barsana, Giulesti, Cornesti. During Burebista, Maramures was part of Dacia. After Dacia was conquered by the Romans, Maramures area remained to the free Dacians. The first written document referring to Maramures is the Diploma issued in 1199 by the Office of Hungarian King Emeric the first, who was saved from the death by Prince Laurentiu, while he was hunting in the forests of Maramures.

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